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Happy New Year!

This year was an absolute blast, we can't thank you enough for joining and supporting us throughout it all. 2021 was a year of firsts, our first single, our first music video, our first appearance at the @IsleOfWightFest and the beginnings of our first album finally being put out into the world. 2022 begs for more Our Propaganda and we can't wait to reveal what we have in store. More music is coming, more shows and more surprises up our sleeves.

We've grown a lot this year and discovered things about us as a band that will propel us forward into the new year and continue inspiring us to be the best band we can be. We'll keep writing, improving and focus on bringing you a full experience that we can say we're proud of. This really is just the beginning and 2022 is already ramping up to be a definitive year for us.

Through it all we have you to thank, our fans, the people who have stuck with us through everything. Without you we couldn't be Our Propaganda and because of you we can continue to build on this dream we have. Thank you, have a happy new year and let's bring on a great 2022.

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